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So what we do drugs,designer drugs. You only live once.We aint hurtin nobody but my body, so why are you worried? Nobody but my body gets hurt with this. - Mac Dre

Anonymous asked: Why are black and hispanic people so uneducated and violent?


Why do white men travel to POC countries to have sex with young girls?Why do White people age like milk? Why do white people’s hairlines recede by 20?


Gucci Mane Pleads Guilty, Likely To Remain In Jail Until 2016 http://t.co/yt1Nmw6Kev

Anonymous asked: What do u look for in a girl



I have an album coming out next week…On my own fucking label at that. How sick is that? It’s been a long journey and I’m happy these songs are finally seeing the light of day. It felt like it would never happen..but here we are. If you watched any of the freestyles, came to any of the shows, downloaded any of the old stuff, messaged me,tweeted me or whatever I thank you. This project has consumed the last two years of my life & would not be possible without that continued support. I’m excited you finally get to hear the songs I’ve played millions of time over and over again inside my head. I’m eager to share the ideas that kept me up at night and nearly drove me insane. There were no PR masterminds, big budgets or tastemakers powering this project. Just a lot of passion and some help from my equally talented friends who are the real stars of the album. I hope you enjoy. Gnarly Davidson is available for pre-order on itunes. See ya May 6th.